Pingsoft SuperShow Virtual Exhibition Creation Platform

Pingsoft SuperShow Virtual Exhibition Creation Platform is a professional software to create the virtual exhibition system combining many different kinds of multimedia forms including virtual reality, pictures, texts, audio and video. The Virtual Exhibition System, created by Pingsoft SuperShow, can take the visitors into a like-real exhibition via Web. The Virtual Exhibition Sites, halls and rooms, by using virtual reality, can let people visit at home via Web. The features of exhibited things can be represented with hypermedia and database techniques and people can feel them by digital documents, pictures, videos and etc. Also, the virtual exhibited things can be simulated by 3D and virtual reality techniques, so that people can use them by computers.


Functions specialty:

  • The Virtual Exhibition Creation Platform is unique in China, recommended by State Science & Technology Department, We reserve all copyright.
  • The Virtual Exhibition Creation Platform digest Database technique and VR. Technique, this is differing from some softwares, which are only appearance representment.
  • Rich and Colorful template library
  • Strongly supported by Database
  • Highly immersed feel in virtual scene.
  • Ideally digested reality and content
  • Information communicate wherever:
  • Full solution for Virtual Exhibition, Include stand-alone scheme and distributed scheme.