HyperAuthor E-examination System

HyperAuthor E-examination System is developed for all subjects' E-examination in primary and middle schools. It is aimed to resolve many questions and limitations in the traditional examination, like heavy work, higher cost, bad security, bad feedback, wasting paper resource and etc, so it is easier to take an examination. The design of this system goes through the complete process of the examinations: proposition, composing paper, signing up, examining, batching, statistics and analysis. The system is flexible and handy to use with complete question types and excellent security strategy so that make the examination online, automatic and reduce the cost. It can be used for all kinds of different scaled E-examination in different subjects of primary and middle schools, e.g. the provincial, civic, campus and in class examinations or exercises.

HyperAuthor E-examination System not only can be used in government, enterprise, training institutions and anyone who need organize the examination. With the popularization of standardized examination, more and more different scales and types of examinations take use of E-examinations, we can foresee HyperAuthor E-examination system has a wider application range and better market foreground.

System characteristics:

  • The expansibility
    The System Have the agile examination management, be applicable to the examination of all scale.
  • The teaching support
    The system uses in brief and easily, the teacher can organize easily within several minutes a practice with the hall; Student after practicing the be over can immediately contrast right of practice answer; The teacher can keep the score, the answer a detail that the view looks into all students, and each correctness that tries, in order to aim at carry on of sex comment.
  • Grade examination papers automatically
    Only need to click a button and can let system graded examination papers automatically , sets free out teacher from grade examination papers the work heavily, lower the examination cost.
  • Overall type of test questions
    The convenience of provide a database management tool tries a creation and tries a resources share and tries the modification of; Not only support a type of normal regulations, aim at at the same time the information technique course, carry out whole true and imitate true two kinds of methodses of calculator operate the creation of.
  • The data protection
    Provide to the perfect and considerate of protection function of the examination data, can also logarithms according to carry on the compression, sorting.
  • Examination supervision
    Can to an examination, contest or homework etc. carries on to supervise and control completely, providing a supervision and notify, warning the examinee or carrying out the tool of some forcible steps for the managing person.
  • The result statisticses and releases
    Pass the Web management system can carry out the result covariance, result to release, try a correctness analysis, the result search and examine the news to release fastly, work efficiency after raising to test, convenient examinee information search.
  • The equity
    The organization of science try a book prevent froms the examinee availably of embezzle the behavior, adopt the body a verification of examinee at the same time, guaranteed the safety and the equity of the examination more effectively.
  • The security
    The power failure, the machine breakdown that appear probably for the examination process etc. abnormality, the systems can cope with easily, the safety recovers the examinee's data to carry on to test continuously.