HyperAuthor - Hypermedia Courseware Platform

HyperAuthor Courseware Expert is a network-based multimedia courseware tool for the teachers. It is a transformed product from national “863” program and got the support from “Innovation Fund for Small Technology-based Firms” by the ministry of national Information Industry. In Dec. 2003, it passed the certification of the ministry of national education and it is also assessed the excellent software production of Guangxi in the same year.

HyperAuthor Courseware Expert has 3 features of “easy understanding”, “easy studying” and “easy use”. It supports What You See is What You Get with useful Pinyin auto label, auto orders of strokes, palette tool, all kinds of expressions and specialized components for math/physics/chemistry, wizard function, so it meets all requirements to make the demo/self-study/experience courseware. It can also generate independent installation package or publish as the un-lose web page, so it can be easily used for LAN, CAN and Internet based remote education.

HyperAuthor Courseware Expert is based on both multimedia and network techniques. It is a network multimedia courseware system combining courseware making and resource management. It can be used for stand-alone, LAN and Internet based applications and fully meet all requirements including preparing and teaching digital lecture for lesions, courseware/exercise/paper making, edu-resource uniform management and distributed store.

By far, it publishes personal stand-alone, campus area network and civic area network versions. Specially, the distribution and sell mode of civic network version made the first for education software in China and get the good appraisement from market.

Functions specialty:

  • Support ActiveX Control and Ole Document.
    Support ActiveX Control and Ole Document , insert or link various documents ( include various form, the text file...etc.) In Courseware at will.
  • Function Wizard
    Provide abundant function wizard, include various creation and hand over with each other way and the animation effect. The customer need to input some parameters and can let own lesson piece become only fascinating and vivid, at the same time can pass the Internet dynamic update function wizard database.
  • subject components
    Various components for math/physics/chemistry make up of specialized components. All specialized components can carry on the control through a time line, process, include : to modify the property of the specialized components , use the specialized components can simulate various experiment of math/physics/chemistry.
  • The formula edit
    Strong formula editor of function, come close the formula template of the teaching, can edit various complicated formula with easy.
  • Captivating template
    Appearance template, animation project, lesson template, uses immediately, easy to share others originality.
  • The Visible process editor
    Graphics, Visible process editor, making the program to be like to take the wooden blocks similar simple.
  • Other teaching tools
    The Chinese orders of strokes, useful Pinyin auto label and Function palette tool ,carry out a teaching of modern lesson easily.
  • Abundant material support
    Support all picture, writing, sound, video ,animation formats in common use type, such as the popular bmp, png, picture of jpg, animation of gif ? avi, ? dat ? asf ? mpg, mpeg, ra ? video of rm and animation of flash. All materials drag along into the page directly, what you see is what you get.
  • The super and strong diagram text edit
    The vector word that zoom Infinite can dismantle the cent freely and add the color arbitrarily, various art font of Courseware makes it to add the magic power. A writing and pictures round to line up the function at will with special expert of Courseware Expert, making contents arrange in order with proficiency.
  • Agility in do animation
    Can do the animation of the arbitrarily path, can also modify the attribute of the path, and arrange several objects sport sequence at will. Pass several objects mutually connection, create an uncommon animation, can arbitrarily the object folds to add in the video and flash at the same time, realization no line edits the result.
  • Dreamily transition impression
    Fly, book, push, pull.. 100 various transition impressions.
  • Hand over with each other at will.
    The keyboard hand over with each other, the mouse hand over with each other, drag to hand over with each other, the district hand over with each other etc. enrich of hand over with each other, let the display of the content of course followed one's inclinations more.
  • E-whiteboard
    By use of the E-whiteboard, user can remark, commentary and elucidation at will, help impromptu" add to add the leaf" of customer, unify traditional teaching method and modern teaching methods are perfect.
  • A key to packs and release
    Only Need to click the mouse lightly, can pack the courseware that can escape from to edit the environment to circulate independently, and automatic to create a setup program file, convenience to take, convenience to release. Have no losing nothing in network release, reserving to hand over all with each other, animation ? images ? video and sounds.