AMD Guangxi 64-bit Software Dev. Center


???:    AMD 64-bit products exhibition area
AMD 64-bit products exhibition area

AMD Guangxi 64-bit Software Dev. Center is jointly founded by AMD and Pingsoft , which includes 4 studios and one 64-bit tech promotion team. This center is composed of 2 parts: 64-bit products exhibition area and software dev. area. 64-bit products exhibition area is an experience place where you can really fell the power and innovation features of AMD 64-bit techniques by watching some DEMO and even operating some applications/software. While software dev. area is used for 4 studios to develop AMD64-based applications and software in e-education, e-government, GIS and virtual reality applications.

Multimedia studio
  • To research, develop, migrate, optimize multimedia products on AMD 64.
  • To take use of AMD 64 features,for more wonderful digital content creations.

VR studio

  • To research and develop 64-bit VR engine and applications based on AMD 64 techs. for a realer and better interactive feeling.

Linux/Java studio

  • Based on AMD 64 techs and Linux/Java features, to R&D more robust, flexible and stable applications in e-business and e-government.

GIS studio

  • To R&D high-performance GIS solutions & applications in huge-volume spatial data processing, spatial database, spatial data infrastructure and multimedia GIS.

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